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Our Massage Therapist - Therese
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Alternatives to the status quo have always been attractive to me. Keith and I were married
in 1976, pursued homebirth for our four children, and then home schooling.
Along the way, I learned a lot about homeopathy, essential oils, nutrition, and alternative
health ideas. So as my home schooling career was beginning to wind down, it was natural
for me to turn to complementary modalities for the next phase of my life and work.

Massage was attractive to me because that work allows me to help in someone's healing
path, while also being flexible. I have always had some home business or other (sewing,
child care, publishing, cleaning service, etc) and massage was the perfect next step.
So when Andrea was 10 years old, I began my new journey and became licensed by the
Ohio State Medical Board as a Massage Therapist in January, 2002.
Working with people who are taking responsibility for their health is a real privilege, and
a continuing education. My clients are on their path to wellness and I am happy to join
with them.

I am always learning; from my clients, from other therapists, and in pursuing further education. Most recently, my favorite and most efficacious therapy,
NeuroStructural Therapy (NST), was discovered by me while reading on my favorite
health website, I said to Keith, "look, NST is helpful for anything
that's wrong with you! I have to take this class in Chicago." And Keith responded, "what
you are telling me is that you believe anything you read online."
Nevertheless, I took the class and my clients started seeing great results immediately.
Over the next few years, I took several more NST courses and I find that it
is my most gentle but deepest-acting work.

My general massage work is very helpful too, for pain and stress relief. I am finding that
with more experience, my massage becomes more intuitive. The client's body "tells" me
what it needs, and the session flows along the healing path.

Services offered:
3o minute massage $35
6o minute massage $65
9o minute massage $95
(prices include tax)