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Hairdressing 101

Being a hairdresser has its ups and downs, believe me. When it's good it is very very good, and when it is bad, it is horrid.

For example, a new client comes in with fine limp hair - and not even much of that - and brings a magazine picture with her of a super model sporting gobs of hair coiffed professionally for the photo shoot. I wish I were a miracle worker, but I'm not.

When I first started doing hair I was afraid to tell people the truth: "Your hair will never look like that." I have since discovered if I don't let them know as gently as possible why their hair will never look like that, they think it is my fault.

If you know me at all, you realize that I am capable of accepting responsibility for all the problems in the world: the war in Iraq, 9/11, the potholes up and down Duluth's streets. For too many years I willingly accepted the blame for my clients' fine, limp hair not looking like the photograph they brought in.

I'm often a slow learner and whoppee, after having done hair for ten years, I'm finally getting smarter! If one of my clients asks for something that really would not be good for her face shape, hair type, body type, I have to be honest. I think as women we all sort of wish to be transformed - that old Cinderella complex - but it ain't gonna' happen. It took me fifty years to figure out that I wasn't going to wake up one morning in someone else's body, so maybe I can help you learn that difficult lesson a little earlier 

I advertise myself as the Wizard of Wash 'n Wear Hair because my personal philosophy is that life is too short to be spending more than a few minutes each day fixing my hair. But please remember, this is self proclaimed. I am not really a wizard. I believe I am a kind of artist, though, like many hair stylists, and I enjoy designing hair for individuals. I always strive to do my best, but at times a few things can get in my way.

Time has become my enemy. I'm not speedy Gonzales and I sometimes forget that I am working and must watch the clock because there are other people coming in after you. When I begin to run behind, I get nervous because I visualize my waiting client is sitting behind that wall becoming angry and irritated - with me! If I am running too far behind, I might get frenzied. This is not good. I make mistakes when I am frenzied because my focus has now changed from you - the person in my chair - to her, the person out there, who I now imagine is really getting ticked!

Perhaps this is not a good thing to admit. But I have learned it is true for me and one reason I am keeping this online diary is so you can know me. If you are in my chair and watch me getting frenzied, please gently remind to calm down. You are my present order of business. Thanks.

But let me tell what makes this profession good for me. Meeting so many wonderful people. There are very few meanies out there, really, and most people enjoy getting their hair done. It's not like the going to the dentist. I end up loving almost everyone I get to know. Hearing their life stories - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Quietly lifting up the needs they talk about to God. And because we have lost the ability to touch one another in our society, I feel privileged to be able to nurture you by working with your hair and to help you feel good about yourself. And you know what? I realize you are a captive audience and I do like to gab, so thank you for listening to me, as well.