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 Our Massage Therapist - Christy

Phone #: 218-590-3778


As a young girl, I was fascinated by my friend's mom who was a massage therapist.  It tugged at me and I sensed its mysteries would eventually unfold in my own life.

At a birthday party when I was 11-years-old I developed a horrible headache while playing blind man's bluff.  The birthday girl stopped the party — we all piled onto a bed — and she massaged the temples of my head until that headache faded away.  This was a miracle!  That moment in time opened doors to me that seemed to call me to something very ancient and sacred.  I think somewhere in me, I knew I would walk through that door and follow where it would lead me.

I did the college thing, having earned scholarships to the University of MN.......not knowing what to study, I received a BA in psychology.  I love people and always want to know them on a deeper level - get to know who they truly are.  After a very short stint as a marketing assistant, I knew I'd go to massage school.  The stressful office world was wrong for my heart, which I always try to follow.

When working with clients I set aside any preconceived ideas for what they need and allow my hands to listen to what my hands hear.  Therefore, my massage is described in a variety of ways, depending on the person or day.  Some say it is "deep," others say it feels like something "more than expected" or that it was "incredibly relaxing." The truth is, I work to do whatever is needed in the moment rather than following any certain formula.  My specialty is a full body relaxation massage with extra focus work where needed. 

I especially love helping people get to that profoundly relaxed state where they deeply connect to the breath, allowing the body to feel totally alive - yet completely at ease.  If only for a short time, massage is a great tool to reach this state of peace. 

This is my one way of being my truth and giving something good back.  I am forever grateful for the blessing of this gift.

If I wasn't a Massage Therapist, I would be a full time mama for sure!  I'd love to learn to sew as well as my mom does and become a caterer for non-allergen gourmet food.

I love people - love to know their stories.  I love holding my daughter and walking hand-in-hand.  My heart is big and I am forever loyal to my loved ones.

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